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Nathaniel Garage Doors & Gate Repair is the leading garage door installation and repair company in Riverside, CA. We have been doing garage door work on the residential homes in Riverside for over 15 years. For any of your garage door needs in Riverside, give Nathaniel Garage Doors & Gate Repair a call at 1-951-253-3652 for same day repairs or fill out our contact form and we'll get back to you within 24 hrs.

Garage Door Installation

Choosing a garage door company to do your garage door installation in Riverside is a vital decision to make. Having a new garage door installed or a replacement garage door set up is a financial investment in your home and also your future. It is not a choice that should be neglected. If you opt for the wrong company, that doesn't take pride in, and support their work, you might end up with an inadequately installed garage door, and will possibly have to end up spending more cash later on for future repairs or replacements.

Garage Door Installation Steps

garage door installation

Nathaniel Garage Doors & Gate Repair has been mounting garage doors in Riverside for over nearly two decades now. During that time we have perfected our techniques for installing garage doors - we streamlined the process, and we assure that every garage door that we set up will meet and even exceed your expectations. Call us at 1-951-253-3652 for expert garage door installations in Riverside.

You might be wondering how it works if you make the decision to have a new garage door installed or replaced in Riverside. If you decide to have Nathaniel Garage Doors & Gate Repair assist you with your garage door installation - thanks! Listed below we have a basic list of actions that we take during our garage door installation jobs - to give you a much better understanding of what to expect before you make your choice.

Our installation procedure looks something like this.

  1. First Phone Call
    The primary step is your telephone call to us at 1-951-253-3652. We will establish a day and time that is practical for one of our garage door installation professionals to come out and go over all your alternatives with you.
  2. FREE, NO COMMITMENT - In Residence Examination
    On the set day and time, one of our garage door installment experts will drive to your home, have a look at your garage, and go over the various brands, designs, and various other choices for you to assist you to make the best decision for your individual design and budget plan.
  3. Buying Your New Garage Door
    When you and your installer have chosen the garage door you intend to have installed, we will deal with the remainder. This starts with ordering your new door. When we have an idea of when we will have the door, we will arrange a time to come and carry out the setup.
  4. The Setup
    Our installer will arrive at your home on the set day and time with your new garage door. They will eliminate your old door (if applicable), mount the new door, reconnect your opener or install a new one (depending on your circumstances), secure the border of the garage with weather stripping, clean up the job site, and also remove your old garage door for you.

Garage Door Styles

garage door styles

Nathaniel Garage Doors & Gate Repair works with all brands, and designs of garage doors. We can get any type of brand, any type of design, any dimension, or other variation of garage door conceivable. No matter what kind of garage door you want set up, Nathaniel Garage Doors & Gate Repair can obtain it as well as install it for you. There are numerous different kinds of garage doors you can have installed in your Riverside home.

Common Garage Door Materials

  • Wood
    Wood garage doors have a genuine feel and charm that other garage doors simply can't match. They are easily customized to nearly any size of garage. They are fairly sturdy (particularly to small dings) however they will call for more refinishing and repainting (specifically in wetter environments) compared to other materials.
  • Steel
    Steel garage doors are some of the most prominent metal garage doors because of their fairly inexpensive rates and durability. They do not call for the upkeep that wood doors need. Nevertheless, bare steel does rust, so any kind of scrapes require to be covered ASAP, and steel is most likely to obtain dents from small bumps (like from a basketball).
  • Aluminum
    Modern aluminum garage doors have a tendency to be particularly pricey. Their less expensive counterparts were replaced by durable frameworks and dent-resistant laminated panels. Normally, lightweight aluminum garage doors are picked for their light weight, so they are good options if you have an extra-wide dual door because they put less stress on your garage door opener.

Garage Door Repairs

It is said that you don't know what you've got until it's gone. This is particularly true of garage doors. Nothing makes you recognize how useful, practical, and essential an operational garage door is then a busted one. Although garage door systems might not appear all that made complex, there are a number of major components (every one of which has their very own parts) - and also they all need to be working together for your garage door to work correctly.


garage door diagram
  • The Garage Door
    The garage door itself. Typically garage doors are individual panels held together by hinges and placed on tracks that are linked to the door by rollers.
  • Cable Drums
    These are grooved drums on the torsion spring shaft that allow lift cables to wind as the garage door opens up.
  • Torsion Springs
    Torsion springs are very snugly wound springs that work with the cable drums to balance out the weight of the garage door and also make it feasible to lift the door by hand or by an electric motor.
  • Extension Springs
    Utilized as an alternative to (or in some cases in conjunction with) torsion springs. They overlap the straight components of the garage door tracks on either side and aid to counter the weight of the garage door and also make it possible to open.
  • Garage Door Opener
    The garage door opener/motor/operator is the actual electric motor that raises and lowers your garage door with the click of a garage door remote, keypad, or various other input gadgets that notifies the electric motor to operate and also are managed by the photo eye sensing units.
  • Extra Parts
    Added components of a garage door system consist of the lower braces, leading braces, the driver hanger, the garage door tracks, the emergency drawcord, the operator rail (chain, belt, or screw drive), rear track wall mount, bearing plate, photo eye sensing units, as well as much more.

As you can see, there is fairly a lot of moving parts that all need to collaborate for your garage door to work effectively for you day in and day out. At Nathaniel Garage Doors & Gate Repair, we have actually been doing garage door repair service in Riverside for nearly twenty years. During that time, we have established skills and understanding of garage door repair work that only originates from years and years of experience. We pass this experience on to every single garage door repair specialist that we employ using substantial training and continuing education programs. So no matter what is wrong with your garage door, don't think twice to give us a call at 1-951-253-3652 for the best garage door repair work in Riverside.

Garage Door Springs

broken springs torsion spring

Busted garage door springs are responsible for causing most of garage door problems that we are called to in Riverside. If your garage door springs have broken in Riverside, then Nathaniel Garage Doors & Gate Repair is here to assist you replace them. Garage door springs are crucial in the operation of the garage door. This is due to the fact that garage doors are in fact extremely heavy. This may come as a surprise to many people, since they have lifted or lowered a garage door by hand in the past, and it really did not feel all that heavy. Well, the reason that it didn't is that the garage door springs were working properly. The springs actually counter the weight of the garage door and are the reason why a person can open up and close the garage by hand, they are also the reason the garage door motor can raise and lower the door.

If your garage door spring breaks while you are at home, you will more than likely listen to a loud bang come from the garage. If it breaks when you are not at home, or you do not happen to hear it, you can also tell by examining the top of the garage door opening. You will see something comparable to the picture above and to the left. If it resembles the leading picture, then you have a busted garage door spring. Last but not least, if your garage door opener is not working, and also you pull the emergency release cord, and the garage door is too hefty to lift on your own, then you most likely have a broken garage door spring.

A few things to keep in mind with garage door springs are spring cycles and corrosion. A spring cycle refers to whenever the garage door rises and every time that it lowers. A lot of garage door springs are ranked to last between 5,000 and also 10,000 cycles. Top-quality steel springs are rated to last in between 25,000 and 50,000 cycles, so although they have a higher expense initially, they will end up conserving you money in the future. The 2nd thing to think about is corrosion. Garage door springs can be prone to damage from corrosion, specifically in wetter environments. Garage door springs can be oiled to help stop rust if it is a concern.

If you have a damaged garage door spring, unless you are a knowledgeable expert, do not attempt to change the garage door spring on your own. It is one of the most dangerous parts of the garage door to repair, and can easily cause injuries or even fatality. The garage door springs should be wound incredibly tight, and if this is not done appropriately, it can bring about even more garage door issues down the line too. So if you are in need of garage door spring replacement in Riverside, call the pros at Nathaniel Garage Doors & Gate Repair at 1-951-253-3652 and we will have brand-new springs mounted on your garage door in no time.

Garage Door Openers

Your garage door opener (Also Known As garage door operator) refers to the garage door motor that raises and also lowers your garage door when you trigger it with your garage door remote, keypad, or various other tool. If your garage door is not functioning, then you may have a garage door opener concern. Garage door openers are a fantastic instance of contemporary comfort. They offer easy accessibility in and also out of your garage. However, if your garage door opener is broken, then you do not get this advantage and also it can be extremely troublesome. If you have a busted garage door opener in Riverside, you don't need to put up with this aggravation for long. Just give Nathaniel Garage Doors & Gate Repair a call at 1-951-253-3652 for garage door opener repair in Riverside.

garage door motor

Contemporary garage door openers are highly effective, power effective, and also reputable. Nevertheless, they are still composed of many little parts (equipment, lights, buttons, belts, etc.) every one of which has to interact for the entire garage door opener to work. If one of these parts breaks, becomes misaligned, or stops working, you are going to need garage door opener repair work.

Common garage door opener concerns in Riverside consist of:

  • Garage door chain slack/ Garage door belt slack
  • Garage door begins and also stops intermittently
  • Garage door makes loud sounds
  • Garage door makes humming sounds
  • Defective garage door remotes or keypads

At Nathaniel Garage Doors & Gate Repair, our Riverside garage door repair service technicians carry common garage door opener parts on their truck to ensure that they are able to make several garage door opener repairs instantly, however even if they do not have the part, we can purchase it for you no problem. Lots of various other garage door repair companies in Riverside are likely to inform you that you need to replace your garage door opener. At Nathaniel Garage Doors & Gate Repair, we are not going to replace your garage door opener unless you need it (or want it). We first will attempt to repair the motor itself if it is feasible. If your garage door opener is beyond repair, then our service technicians can explain to you why this is and go over your different choices for a brand-new garage door opener with you, and also assist you to make an intelligent decision on the appropriate garage door opener for you.

Garage Door Remotes And Keypads

garage door keypad

A fundamental part of your garage door opener is the remotes, keypads, and also other tools that tell the garage door opener to turn on. If your garage door remote is not functioning, it is worth it to first check if it just needs a new battery. If changing the battery doesn't repair the issue, then you might require a new garage door remote.

At Nathaniel Garage Doors & Gate Repair, we provide garage door remote programming in Riverside. Our garage door specialists bring most name brand garage door remotes on their vehicles, as well as a number of universal garage door remotes, and also can program these to your garage door.

Occasionally, different concerns can turn up pertaining to garage door remote programming. Other garage door openers can end up on the same frequency as your door, triggering somebody else's garage door remote to open your garage door, or vice versa. If you are discovering your garage door opened or closed when it shouldn't be, then this could be the situation for you. It is a straightforward fix for our garage door repair crew to reprogram your garage door opener and garage door remotes to a various frequency. For assistance, give us a call at 1-951-253-3652 for garage door remote programming in Riverside.

Garage Door Tracks

garage door tracks

If your garage door comes off the track, quit utilizing your garage door immediately or else the door can come completely separated. If your garage door is off track in Riverside, call Nathaniel Garage Doors & Gate Repair to put your garage door back on the tracks.

In addition to placing the garage door back on the tracks, we will additionally perform a 25 point safety and security evaluation of the track to ensure that the garage door is secure to operate once again. We will align your garage door tracks (or change them if necessary) to avoid the problem from persisting. We will clean up and oil your garage door tracks. And finally, we will change and secure your garage door cords and rollers to make sure that your garage door tracks will be repaired and remain useful for many years to come. Call us at 1-951-253-3652 for garage door track repair work in Riverside today!

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If you are in need of garage door repair Riverside or garage door installation Riverside then Nathaniel Garage Doors & Gate Repair is here for you! Just give us a call at 1-951-253-3652 and one of our experienced garage techs will have your garage fixed in no time.

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